Blood Bank Technician

Blood Bank Technician in the Healthcare Industry is also known as a Blood Bank Laboratory technician.

Brief Job Description: Blood Bank Technicians work in a lab to collect, label and store blood. The blood bank technicians test samples to screen potential donors, store blood, draws and maintain documentation and records. They make patients comfortable during the procedure and monitor their vital signs. They also check compatibility blood before issuing it out for transfusion. Blood Bank Technicians usually works in blood-donation centers, reference labs, transfusion bloodservice centers and research facilities.

Entry requirements / recommendations/ Eligibility Criteria:- Class XII in Science Or Level 3 Phlebotomy with experience of minimum three years in the laboratory setup.

Title of unit or other component or course content:-

• Assist nurse in checking vital parameters
• Class Room and Skill Lab Training
• Collect Blood Donor’s Medical
• History and screen donors
• Draw blood from donor
• Monitor donor during the donation procedure
• Screen donated blood for presence of any infection
• Document, label and store blood donations
• Check compatibility of blood
• Act within the limits of one’s competence and authority
• Work effectively with others
• Manage work to meet requirements
• Maintain a safe, healthy, and secure working environment
• Practice Code of conduct while performing duties
• Follow biomedical waste disposal protocols
• Follow infection control policies and procedures
• Monitor and assure quality Mandatory

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