Sampling Tailor

A sampling tailor is responsible for developing garment sample as per buyer’s specifications in the apparel industry. A sampling tailor should be able to perform basic fabric cutting operations and stitch garments of various designs with different necklines, sleeves, collar etc. as per the quality standards. This job requires the individual to have thorough knowledge of measurements, garment styles, sampling & apparel production processes and should be able to sew garments with different materials & trims.

Brief Job Description: A Sampling Taylor should have an understanding of the formats followed in the sampling department such as Fabric worksheet, Style Confirmation sheet, fabric consumption request and the quantity required. He should know the basic procedure of drafting pattern making of garments, garment construction, home furnishing articles construction. He should be aware of the raw materials like fabrics, trims, threads etc used in the products he is making and their handling. He should be aware of the types of stitching machines, tools required and the procedure to operate them. He should have the knowledge of measurements techniques.

Entry requirements / recommendations:- 8Th standard, preferably minimum entry age as per the law – 18 years

Title of unit or other component or course content:-

• Prepare for sampling
• Carry out fabric cutting operations for preparing garment sample
• Carryout stitching activities using machine or by hand
• Contribute to achieve sample quality in stitching operations
• Maintain work area, tools & machines
• Maintain health, safety and security at workplace

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